I am a Dutch/Brazilian guitar maker, activist, anthropologist, and father of the most amazing little girl. I've spent the best part of the last years working in the Brazilian Amazon, advocating for the Indigenous Peoples' rights, specially regarding their territories, and studying the colonial history of the Amazon region. During this time, guitar-making started as a hobby, and as a way to relieve the stress from living in such an unequal world and fighting to change it. I've learned much from the Indigenous Peoples and they still inspire me deeply, even in my craft, as it can be seen in my signature pattern rosettes, and some of the names I give to the guitars I make.

I have played guitar for the past two decades, sometimes more frequently, sometimes less. I've journeyed through steel-strings, electrical, and classical guitars, and through several different styles. The guitar has been a constant place for me to go to, where I enjoy and explore happiness, excitement, anger, sadness, and so on. It is my own personal form of meditation. I`d like to provide that and share it with my customers through the guitars.

In fatherhood and family life, I see in guitar-making an opportunity to be closer to and follow my daughter's discovery of the world. I know the fight for a better world will continue, and there are incredible people constantly moving it further.

Christian Ferreira Crevels