Napini means "wide", to the Madihadeni indigenous people with whom I worked. It is also the name of the Purus River, the widest on the basin where they live. Being a 7 string guitar, the alias "wide" is quite suitable already, but it also has further meaning as it was in a small town by the Purus river where I became friends with this guitar's owner. The aesthetic details, of a brown palette, refer to the cloudy cream color of the waters of the Purus River.

Perfect for samba and choro, this 7 string guitar provides a lush bass response, further complimented by the low-density cedar soundboard. Finished with a french polished soundboard and with an oil-based varnish everywhere else, the beauty of the Imbuia wood is on full display.


Low-density Red Western Cedar Soundboard fitted with signature pattern rosette

Imbuia back, sides, bindings, and backplate of the headstock

Matching Indian Rosewood fingerboard, headstock faceplate, and bridge

Brazilian Cedar neck with hidden scarf joint and detailed alternate heel

Rozini 7C Tuning Machines