Mahu, 'the Sweet', is an instrument of the "Local Line": built only with European tonewood sourced from certified suppliers.  Features Walnut for the back and sides, fingerboard, bridge, and headstock veneers, paired with quality Swiss Moon Spruce on the soundboard and a Sycamore neck with slight flame figure. The two-colored rosette and combining purfling lines give Mahu an elegant and beautiful composition. It has a french polish finish on the soundboard, and an oil finish elsewhere that gives a special shine to the Walnut.

Its sound is big and resonant, yet warm, with sweet highs and powerful basses. Its balance reminds what became known as the sound of the old Spanish guitars: responsive and deep, with a special bite. It is a great guitar for mellow classic compositions as well as more flamenco-inspired tunes.

Mahu gets its name from an indigenous word, deriving a meaning of 'sweetness'. It fits its sound, although I have called it so because my daughter smeared strawberries on the wood that would come to be this guitar, while I worked on it. 

'Local' line: all built with European tonewood from certified suppliers

Low-density Swiss Moon European Soundboard fitted with signature pattern rosette

Walnut back, sides, bindings, fingerboard, bridge, and faceplate

Sycamore (European Maple) neck with hidden scarf joint and matching blackplate of the headstock.

Gotoh Tuning Machines