Here you can find a selection of wood available to guitar making. I offer both traditional materials as well as locally sourced alternative woods, in an effort to minimize environmental and social impact related to tropical lumber extraction, without any compromise to the sound and quality of the guitars. I'm always open to trying new materials, so if you have any special inquire, please contact me. CITES 2nd appendix listed woods (like Brazilian Rosewood) are not available for builds.

Traditional build options:

Soundboard: Western Red Cedar, European Spruce

Back and Sides: Indian Rosewood, Sycamore

Neck: American Mahogany, Spanish Cedar

Fingerboard: African Ebony, Indian Rosewood

Bridge: Indian Rosewood

Local woods build options

Soundboard: European Spruce

Back and Sides: Sycamore, Walnut, Cherry, Swiss Pear

Neck: Sycamore, Walnut, Cherry

Fingerboard: Walnut, Roasted Sycamore

Bridge: Walnut, Cherry, Roasted Sycamore

Exotic build options:

Soundboard: Redwood (Sequoia)

Back and Sides: Pau Ferro, Exotic Ebony, Canarywood, Imbuia

Neck: African Mahogany

Fingerboard: Exotic Ebony, Pau Ferro, Wenge

Bridge: Exotic ebony Pau Ferro, Wenge