We make sure all details are adjusted to provide you with a unique, one of a kind instrument that best suits your style.

The craft of my instruments follow the traditional Spanish method of construction with the use of a solera, sides jointed to the neck and heel, and a version of the tested and true fan bracing closely inspired by the work of Antonio de Torres, Hermann Hauser, and Daniel Friederich.

The whole construction is artisanal, mostly with hand tools, with little to no help of handheld power tools. I prefer a scientific approach in voicing the soundboard, working its resonant modes to shape the final tone and timbre of the instrument. Coupled with that there is a lightweight bridge to promote great responsiveness, and options for the shape of the neck to assure great playability. You can also choose between the traditional french polished shellac and a fast and silky oil finish, or set different finishes for each part of the guitar. Be sure to check out also the wood options available in Wood Selection