'Avenir' has the future in the name, and all around it. Inside, it features my own 7-fan bracing system, inspired by Hauser's for a brilliant, balanced, and full sound. It is unmatched on the outside with the extended rosette along the fingerboard, and the stunning Araribá (aka Canarywood) of the back and sides.

The guitar is made with tonewood of high quality. European Spruce soundboard matched with the back and sides of beautifullAraribá. This instrument features also a 12-hole bridge for easier string changes, French Polish finish, and my signature, one of a kind, patterned rosette.


European Soundboard fitted with extended signature pattern rosette

Araribá 'Canarywood' back, sides, and bindings

Khaya neck with hidden scarf joint

Ebony Fingerboard

12-hole bridge

French polished